L i a n a   D e l g a d o

Liana Delgado creates Contemporary Floral/Still-life Oil Paintings, and Abstract Monotype Prints. Coalescing color and drawing is the signature character of her work. 

Vibrant hues enrich Liana's floral/still-life compositions.  Her palette and design is influenced by ancient Chinese artists' artwork on porcelain, as well as, favored master painters, Georgia O'Keeffe and Janet Fish.  Liana's more complex still-life works incorporate Greek mythological stories or Asian symbolism.

The monotype printsis a series of abstract hand-printed works on paper.  Liana intuitively draws and scumbles graphite onto BFK Rives printmaking paper, or Arches 300lb watercolor paper.  She then, immerses the paper in water, and blots it with a towel right before she is ready to print.

The artist rapidly and skillfully paints on a plexi-glass plate.  Oil-based ink is brushed on, and/or rolled on-top of an acrylic glass plate.  Sometimes she scratches out the pigment from the plate, and/or adds mica, pigment powder, or draws with oil stick.  The paper and plate is placed on an etching press that grounds 1000lb pressure into the fibers of the paper.  This layered process creates interesting design, and forms depth in the final image.  Liana's printmaking style is tune with American abstract virtuosos:  Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Hoffman and Helen Frankenthaler.

Whether representational or abstract, all of Liana Delgado's art begins spontaneously, yet evolves into decisive picture making.